Blackberry - Lip Tint


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Ultimate luxury lip tint. 
My lip tints are that...a *tint* of color. 
They are a very natural look, and are not at all like lipstick. 

This is the darkest of the two tints. 
This is a wonderful 'natural' plump color, that is just perfect for that wake-me-up look. When you don't want to wear lipstick, or a gloss, this is going to be perfect.  With a splash of color and a heavy moisturizer, you really can't go wrong. Do you want to look 'alive' and not completely washed out, or maybe don't even want to wear makeup? Then this is a really great option.

This is not a heavy opaque base of color. 


The "blackberry" refers to the color, not the flavor. The flavor is similar and uses a blend of oils that are a combination of both berries and citrus flavors. 


Made of: 

Avocado oil, cocoa butter, candelilla wax, shea butter , natural and essential oils. Alkanet root is used for the natural color.

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