Frequently asked questions


 Are your Lips Balm Gluten Free?

I do not use Tocopherol in my line. Tocopherol is often processed with wheat, or wheat germ oil. I open up a GF brand of a Vitamin E capsules that I add to the base. I use 2 capsules/1 Gallons of base that I make. Most of my balms use a very high quality Organic Candy Flavoring oil. I *ONLY* buy flavor oils that are labeled specifically as gluten free. I personally never add a gluten component. If you have a *severe* gluten intolerance, I always recommend that you use a Balm that does not contain a flavor oil, but Essential Oils only.

Those are:

& This set :

As well as the Lavender Lemonade.

My base is gluten free, and I know that because I make it myself.



Does your Lip Balm taste like anything?

Technically not. Although some will say they love the flavor, there are no sweeteners added. The term 'flavor oil' is a bit misleading. You know when you buy lip balm at the store and it's so sweet that you practically lick your lips off? My goal is to not be that. Sweeteners bother me and it would be a total bummer if I made Lip Balm I was not able to use. 

I use Organic Candy flavoring oils that are fully edible. Although I use many organic components in my lines such as butters and oils-I never market my products as "organic." After all, I did make them, I didn't dig them up. 


Can I save on shipping and buy this somewhere locally? Can I just come get them from you?

Yes! Right now, we are at the Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market every friday from 3-7pm. 

Check out the "upcoming events" tab for more info.