About Us

Well, Hello!

I'm Rachel and this is my shop. I make, package, label and ship it all. And I love every bit of it. I still feel grateful to be able to wake up and do what I do on a daily basis.

I started this journey online in 2007. My passion of Jewelry and addiction for Lip Balm collided. 

My first online shop was primarily jewelry and I eventually added a small collection of Lip Balm to it. 

That small collection grew and grew and eventually ate up most of my time. I added in a small amount of handmade soaps and soon the shop felt overloaded. I broke the two up and created Orange Thyme. After keeping both shops running for over a year I  unfortunately needed to close the Jewelry Shop to focus solely on the Bath & Body side. I still missed the jewelry every single day. But, I only have 2 hands, so you know.

I hit the ground running and I had myself a full time job. Except, I already had one of those. I juggled the two the best I could for nearly 5 years  when I had to make a choice- and let's be honest, I don't belong in a cubicle.


We are a busy family of 3, and in  our spare time we like to label lip balm. See what I did there? It's never done. 

You can find us at regular Farmers Markets & few shows throughout the year here in Spokane and ID. You can view those in the "Upcoming Events" tab. We love to say hello in person. 

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