Grab Bag/Assortment of 8 Full Bars


Sold Out

Contents are random, but they are FULL size bars.
Some are labeled, most are not. Most are fragranced, some are not.
**You have to be ok with an assortment & a heck of a deal.**

  • 8 FULL size bars. 
Most are unlabeled, and that just might be what I have left of the actual scent. What happens is, I cut up a couple of bars to have as samples, but the actual full sizes sell out before I can share the samples with you. Some of the Full size bars might be ones I have never listed (only sold at shows) and just have a couple left. If you need to stock up on good soap, this is it.
Soap is made of:
Saponafied Olive Oil, Purified Water, Palm Oil & Coconut Oil, Fragrance, Color, Essential Oils, Mica, dried botanicals, cocoa powder.

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