Let's talk about Kale. July 04 2014, 0 Comments

It's all the rage, it seems to be a {Love it} or {Hate it} thing. I'd like to address Kale Chips. Have you had them? When I hear people say they can't stand them, or they were nothing exciting, I assume the ones you had sucked.

If you are an avid Kale-Hater,  I am not going to try and convince you to like them. I can't take on your deep rooted problem that appears to be vegetable related. 


I personally,  I have never *loved* a store bought Kale Chip. I have tried a few of the popular ones that are "ok". They taste to me, like they have been sitting on a shelf. You will taste the difference when you make your own, big time. 


A few tips:

The bag of already cut up kale won't work. They are full of the stalks and that's the part that is not welcome in this process. 

I can get a huge bunch of kale at the local grocery store here for around $1, so I always get 2 for this purpose. I do also grow tons of my own kale and buy it at the Farmers Market. It's not typically the kind you can use for kale chips, however. It's too thin and dainty for chips, but it's gorgeous for smoothies, juicing and salads in general. Yah, I eat a lot of Kale. Like, loads. 


Making Kale Chips:

I use an entire bundle for one batch. They cook down much like spinach does, so don't be surprised when you hoark down the entire thing yourself on "accident". 


What you will need:

1 Bunch of Green Kale (Purple works, too! It just tends to look burnt right out of the gate)

1/8 Cup Melted Coconut Oil 

1tsp Black Pepper

5T Nutritional Yeast (Don't skip this, this is the best part!)

5-6 Bottle shakes of Soy Sauce (I use Gluten Free, or you can even use Coconut Aminos)


Give your kale a rinse and dry it completely. 

Cut the stalks off the pieces and throw the pieces into a bowl. 

Add all of the above ingredients and massage them in until all of the leaves are coated. 

You need a baking rack for optimal results. Without it, the leaves completely wilt onto the baking sheet and they can be quite hard to remove without crumbling them. 

  • These bake for 15 mn at 350 degrees, on the lower rack. 

15 mn. is firm. There is a fine line between a perfectly crispy chip & burnt chips. Burnt chips, taste like charcoal. 

Set a timer. When your timer goes off, pull them out. You do not have 1 more minute to finish pinning your pins. Walk away. 

^ The Kale all dressed up on the baking rack and sheet. 

All Crispy and ready for you to love. 


* Let's talk about Nutritional yeast. 

Sounds gross, right? It's not. It tastes nutty, a little cheesy and has loads of toasty flavor. Also, it's super good for you. 

I get mine at the grocery store in the bulk section for super cheap. But if you don't have that, you can find enough to last you a partial lifetime on Amazon


If you burn your chips, don't give up, try them again. The good news is, Kale is inexpensive and once you have all the ingredients, they go a long way.