I feel like I had a baby. And it's name is Body Polish. May 05 2014, 1 Comment

The last couple of months I have been tweaking a base that I created and it's been quite a process. I don't even want to tell you how much sugar I went through to just "test" consistencies out. To be done with a base that is not purchased, feels incredible. It was really frustrating in the beginning, and I almost bailed on the idea. I had no initial recipe to go off of and it's not the easiest thing in the world to mix Oils, Butters, and emulsifying waxes and have them play nice together. One half of the mixture is warm, the other is cold. That's not a smooth introduction and all the testing, tweaking and adjusting was because of that portion of it.  You can't just add melted waxes and butter to a cold liquid soap base and not have it immediately clump up back to a wax form. Ahhhhh, but I did it. *que the horns!*  And the results were incredible. I now have a liquid soap-based product, with emulsifiers, gorgeous moisture retaining oils and loads and loads and loads of Sugar in my best selling scents. 

I am thrilled to show you my Body Polish - Sugar Scrubs. 

This is 4 of the 6 that will be in the line. 

We have:

Ruby Grapefruit, Lemon Creme, Blood Orange, Lavender Lemon & Lychee + Red Tea (not pictured)

I want Rosemary Mint next and stumped on the last one. I am thinking Huckleberry Lemon. 

Squee! Aren't they pretty?


* So, here's the thing. I won't be making Whipped Soaps any longer, effective immediately. 

They are fun, people go nuts over them, they (ask) for them constantly, but you know what? They don't sell. 

Ever. I think the concept confuses people. While these are not completely different, they are 100% handmade, have the same sugar scrub qualities and I have found that the name alone, feels familiar to consumers. I have taken these to 2 shows now and have them in 2 retail locations in town and I can't make them fast enough. They sell out immediately. The great thing is, when they run out, I can just make more. I don't have to order a base and wait a week for it to arrive. So, don't feel that I took away something fun that you liked, but know that it was replaced with something somewhat similar that is even better. Way better. Because I love you. 


I love to do a good scrub on the hands after I make some soap to get all the butters off and then follow up with a good dose of *also completely handmade* Body Butter. It's so dreamy. These will be coordinating in many of my other products. Lip Balm, Perfume Oils, Body Butters, ect. So, putting together a gift set will be a breeze.